Our Quality

Top-notch fit

A lot of research and development has been done to come up with a top-notch fit for all the sizes available. Making people of different sizes wear it and test it and coming with an optimum fit. Please refer to our detailed size chart for better understanding.

Premium Stitching

Your shirts are stitched by the finest labours available in the city, with crisp collars and crisp cuffs and with an all around quality stitching.

Premium Fabric

We provide you fabrics made by the leading and the largest textile mills in the country with brands like Raymond , Arvind , Century , Monty , Soktas just to name a few.

Majority of our fabrics are INTELLIGENT Fabrics that is to say they are:-

  1. Odour Free.
  2. Maintains body temperature just at the right level.
  3. Repeals almost all stains.
  4. Liquid smooth and remarkably soft to touch.

(Intelligent fabrics are separately marked)